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How To Write a Great Blog Post?


Have you ever read a great piece of content that really stuck with you? Are you wondering how to write a good blog post that makes an impact? Writing great blog posts isn’t easy. But it’s not rocket science either!

In today’s article, I’ll tell you what makes a good blog and share some tips on how to write a good blog post that’ll bring in a lot of traffic. So let’s begin!

Here’s a 14-minute Mind Map video that I have prepared for my readers! Generally, we find it easier to understand if someone explains the same concept with the help of a video rather than reading the entire article. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t read articles. Reading an article gives you more in-depth knowledge about the topic. This video is especially for the working tribe who don’t have enough time to give to reading articles and want instant information!

What makes a good Article?

If you think that writing a good article just means using the right words, you’re mistaken.

There are a lot of other factors that contribute to making your article a success.

In fact, it’s possible (and even pretty common!) to be a great writer but not so great at blogging.

How’s that possible? 

Well, suppose you drafted an article that’s very well-researched and detailed and includes all the information your readers are looking for.

But it’s so well-researched and informative that your paragraphs are really long and it’s hard to read. Maybe you forgot to add images or other media content for the fear of interrupting the flow of your article. 

Because it looks like a big wall of text, people are more likely to hit the “back” button than to stay and read the whole thing.

Do you think people would call that a good post?

So apart from the words themselves, you also need to consider…

  • How easy is it to read?
  • How visually engaging is the post?
  • How well does it answer your readers’ questions?
  • How will it keep attracting more traffic?

To help you publish an amazing piece, I’ll show you how to answer all these questions and more.

Ready? Let’s get started with our expert blog writing tips.

Expert Tips for Writing a Blog Post

Being a good writer is tough. But with a little practice and some research, it won’t take you long to join the ranks of other great bloggers.

So let’s check out how you too can come up with a blog post that you have always wanted to create when you started a blog.

  1. Choose a Good Topic

The first step towards writing a blog post is to pick a good topic.

You’ll need to find out what your followers want to know and read about, so your post will continue to get traffic after it’s published.

Do some keyword research for your new blog topic using some tools such as Ahrefs keywords explorer,, Keyword Everywhere, Moz Keyword Explorer

Keyword Research

You can use platforms like SEMrush, BuzzSumo, UberSuggest, Google Trends, etc. which can help you figure out what topics are trending. 

  1. Do Your Research

Once you have got the idea of the topic you want to write on, make sure to research the front page of Google and your main competitors at this stage to see how you can improve on what’s out there. If you can’t write a high-quality post that’s better than theirs, don’t bother!

You don’t need to be an expert on the topic, but you do need to do your research to make sure you’re adding value.

  1. Take Notes and Start an Outline

While you do your research keep a notebook handy where you can take down the important points and outline your topic.

Okay, if not a notebook at least keep a Google doc tab open. I like using Google docs because, unlike using a notebook, I don’t have to bother about losing it.

  1. Start Drafting Your Article
Article Drafting

Now that you have the outline, you can sit down to write your post. I generally like drafting it directly on my WordPress dashboard.

It saves a lot of time and extra effort copying and pasting it from somewhere else later.

  1. Hook Your Readers With a Great Opening

If you can hook your readers with a good opening, consider half your work to be done. Because if your introduction is boring, people wouldn’t bother to read the rest.

Many writers find it easier to write the blog post’s body first and save writing the intro for last.

A good way to write a great introduction is to pose a question addressing the reader’s problem. Then you can tell them how reading your post can help them tackle it.

Or you can straightaway start with writing your original quotes on the topic or someone else’s quotes. Believe me! This will be a great way to grab your readers’ attention. They’ll feel inspired.

 And they’ll definitely want to read it till the end in the hope of finding the solution.

  1. Write Like You Talk

Don’t overlook the style and tone of your writing. Both these elements can make a big difference.

Writing as if you are talking to your friend can actually make the readers feel that they are having a conversation with someone rather than actually reading a post. 

When you’ll implement this one-to-one conversation style in your write-ups, the readers will feel that the writer is actually relating to their problems and will stick till the end of the article to get the solution to the problem!

  1. Make It Scannable

People usually don’t read blog posts word-for-word. Instead, they scan them for the information they’re looking for.

That’s why it’s important to format your posts in a way that’s easy to scan. It’ll help your readers to get the info they’re looking for quickly, so they’re more likely to stick around your blog.

Here are a few ways you can make your blog posts scannable:

Use Subheadings: Subheadings help your readers to see the main topics of your post and will help you to stay organized and on track when writing.

Write Short Sentences: Short sentences are much easier to read. Long sentences can make it complicated to understand.

Keep Paragraphs Short: When your paragraphs are too long, it’s harder to read. I recommend using 2-4 sentences in most of your paragraphs, with some 1-sentence paragraphs to grab the eye.

Use Bullet Points: Whenever you have a list, you can use bullet points to make your message precise and clear, and easy to scan, instead of listing items in a sentence.

If you use these tips to visually engage your text, your readers will be more likely to read the whole post.

  1. Use Images for Visual Engagement

A simple image has the power to make a boring post much more fun and engaging.

What you fail to explain in words, can be done with just a single image or a screenshot. Besides, it breaks the monotony of words and offers a refreshing visual break to the reader keeping them engaged for longer.

  1. Include a Compelling Call to Action

Your post can’t be called a successful one unless you can convince your users to take action on the site.

What should your call to action (CTA) be? You could ask your readers to:

  1. Sign up to your email newsletter
  2. Leave a comment
  3. Share your post on social media
  4. Buy your product/services (eBooks, short email courses, training programs, job opportunities etc.)

It’s best to stick to one CTA so your readers aren’t distracted.

For your CTA to be compelling, put yourself in the readers’ shoes and talk about the benefits of taking action. What’s in it for them?

  1. Add a Featured Image

Believe it or not, your readers won’t waste more than 2 seconds to decide whether or not to click on your post. If you want a positive response you need to have a plan.

Adding an eye-catching featured image to your post is a great way to get more clicks, shares, and engagement.

Shutterstock, Unsplash, and Pixabay are great platforms to help you find an appealing image to use. You can also use Canva for your own customized image.

  1. Level Up Your SEO
SEO Level Up

If you think you know how to write a good blog post but it doesn’t get any traffic, you’re missing a step!

For your post to have a lot of readers, you need to level up your SEO. If you’re using the Yoast plugin (assuming you have already installed it on your site), a lot of your work is done.

You need to add a focus keyword, add a title with the keywords in it, and also add an SEO title and meta description.

Your text also needs to have more than 300 words. However, I would recommend you to keep your word count to at least 1000 words.

Further, the images in your post need to be properly optimized too. Make sure they’re the right size and have descriptive names before you upload them. Each image should also have proper alt tags and categories.

Do You Have a Perfect Blog Post?

Have you ever written a blog post that went viral or brought you a heap of awesome results? I’d be really keen to hear about how you did it!


Before you publish your next post or if any of your friends will start with his blogging journey, make sure you share this article so that he/she can write a perfect post.

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